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Take Employment Advice from the Successful -
Be Aware of Perspectives

Employment advice comes free and fast. Before you blindly follow what someone tells you, look at his success (or lack thereof). Look at his experience and accomplishments. Consider his perspective.

Join an online chat group about working at campgrounds, and you'll get all sorts of people telling you what you need to do. Where to find ads. What to put on your resume. How many months (or years!) in advance you need to apply for a particular position. Before you take what they say to heart, look at their qualifications. Have they ever had campground jobs that they liked? If so, are your reasons for wanting to work in a park the same as theirs? Do you want the same kind of situation?

When someone offers you employment advice, consider where he is coming from and what his motive is.

Is his perspective that of an employer or an employee? Does he see things through the eyes of someone doing the hiring or someone looking for a job?

A person who sells Help Wanted ads is likely going to tell you that the way to find a job is to use Help Wanted ads. Because that's his business, he may believe it is true, whether or not it really is.

When someone tells you jobs for RVers don't pay more than minimum wage, ask him how much he is making. Chances are he's making minimum wage or less. Or, he may be representing people who pay substandard wages or expect volunteers. Either way, his employment advice may not be worth much to you.

Depending on what kind of work you are looking for, you might be wise to take a second look at the person giving the advice about jobs. Has he ever been a working RVer? Has he ever worked for non-profits? Has he ever volunteered for a site? Has he ever been paid for all hours worked and received an RV site, too?

If someone is telling you about construction jobs, has he ever done any construction work? Is the person telling you how to be a flea market vendor a success flea market vendor? Has the person telling you about caretaking ever done any property caretaker?

What about running a business from your RV? Is the person giving the advice a successful business owner? What qualifications does he have to be your business coach?

Your employment advisor doesn't need to have experience in everything. But, does he have even close experience? Look for positive experiences in general categories.

If you follow the lead of those who are where you want to be, you have a better chance of getting there than if you follow those who haven't yet found the way themselves.

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