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Deductible Taxes

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If you travel in your RV to various volunteer work positions, are your travel expenses tax deductible?

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Deducting Travel Expenses

Hi Nancy,

Expenses you incur while doing volunteer work away from home may be deductible. Your ordinary living expenses while you are volunteering from home aren't. At least that's the way I understand it. Notice that one says "away from" home and the other doesn't?

If your RV is the vehicle you use to travel between home and the volunteer work place, that's one thing. If your RV is your home, that's another. Tax regulations for transient workers are different than they are for those who live in a fixed dwelling. Someone explained it to me this way, "You can't travel away from your home in your home."

The usual disclaimer applies here. I'm not a tax expert and can't – and don't – give tax advice.

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