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Customize Job Lists

(Ron asks...)

Question: Could you send me only work camp jobs in Canada in the summer (April to October) and the rest of the year include all? Thanks.

Coleen, the editor answers: I'm sorry, but, no, we are not set up to customize the job lists and send out separate, personalized mailings.


We have, however, started doing something that should make it easier for you to see which jobs are in Canada. I now simply put "Canada" at the beginning of the headline for the job listing. That should make it easy for you to quickly scroll down the list and find the work camp jobs in Canada that you are looking for.

Another way to make them easy to find is to do a "find" for "Canada." You can do that on both the website pages and within an email.

As a side note, I would like to have a section devoted to our Canadian readers, as well as more opportunities for work in Canada. If you have something to contribute, be sure to send it in to share with other RVers.

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