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CA: RV Park Work for the Physically Fit

Kenney Grove Park, Fillmore CA 93015
(Campground Job for Responsible, Flexible, Fit RVer)

CA: Kenney Grove Park, Fillmore California. Seeking mechanic maintenance RVer for host camper position. This position may become a long term manager position.

Kenney Grove Park seeks a responsible, physically fit, capable worker who is flexible in handling a variety of different work tasks. Attention to detail is important.

Park vehicles maintenance, tree trimming, carpentry, painting and ongoing park maintenance. Flexible hours, lovely setting. Help is not needed in the office at this time.

Compensation is a 40’ RV site with paid utilities consisting of water, sewer and electric, plus a storage/office building behind a fenced in site, in exchange for 25 hours of work each week. Pays $10.00 per hour for any additional overtime.

This is a privately operated facility, well established, with great clientele.

E-mail Kenney Grove Park, Fillmore California 93015.

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