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CA: Campground Job - RV Site, Seasonal Pay

Long Ravine Campground, Colfax, California
(Work for RVers and Campers Available Now)

CA: Long Ravine Campground, Colfax, California, is seeking a working RVer now to live on site (includes power, electric, and water) with own RV year around, if wanted.

Long Ravine Campground has summer and winter work for Workers On Wheels. Winter would be an exchange for a RV spot, work 12-15 hours a week on maintenance/security. Summer 30-40 hours a week; ground maintenance, security, store, marina with a 2 day's off. Benefits for summer would be a site and pay of $10 per hour worked.

Please send resume to Peggy at Davidson@nidwater.com

Spread the word about Workers On Wheels! When you inquire about this campground job, please let the campground owner know you saw this Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels website. This position for RVing workers posted in November. Long Ravine Campground, Colfax, California.

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