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Business License Requirements


My husband and I are thinking about starting a small business that we can operate out of our RV. He makes small wooden items & I dabble in beading.

Do you know of a good resource for investigating the requirements for business license(s) since we will be in many different states?

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Business License Information

Hi Cathy,

For information on business license requirements, go to the official website of the state(s) in question. Many have information right on the website for starting or doing business in the state. If you don't find the info there, look there for a link to the website that does have that information.

You can sometimes apply for a business license, a sales tax permit, and whatever else you need online. Sometimes, they have the forms online, but you need to print them, fill them out, and mail them in to the state.

And, if nothing else, you'll at least get the contact information you need for more info and the necessary forms.

More Business License Info

There's more about this at the following link:

Business License Info

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