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Bus Transportation Driver

(South Burlington, VT, USA)

Are there bus driving positions for retired tour bus drivers in RV areas?

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Bus Driver Jobs for RVers

Yes, there are jobs for bus drivers. Here are some possibilities?

Campgrounds with shuttle buses that take their RVing customers to local tourist attractions and then pick them up later in the day. An example is Santa Clause RV Park in North Pole, AK.

RV parks owned by tourist attractions that hire drivers to make regular trips between the two. Think Disney.

Some small towns -- Deadwood, SD comes to mind -- hire bus drivers to give community tours to the local historical sites.

Parks, such as Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, use tour drivers.

Heck Yeah

Yes, there are many driver opportunities, on site as well as off site.

The biggest opportunity is workamping at a Disney Park. They need "tons" of drivers.

Good luck.

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