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AZ: Animal Caretaker and Cleaning Help - Pay

Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona
(Ranch and B & B Cleaning Help Wanted)

Help Care for the Horses on Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona

Help Care for the Horses on Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona

Help Care for the Horses on Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona There's Work for RVers at Whisper's Ranch

Whisper's Ranch, Elgin, Arizona. Animal caretaker and cleaning help wanted. Join us in the mountains of beautiful southern AZ! We are seeking either one person or a pair of working RV-ers for part-time positions to start ASAP or by latest September. Must be able to perform both jobs with proficiency.

Animal care position, work 10-15 hrs/wk. Must have knowledge of horsecare to include basic wound care and the ability to recognize illness. Knowledge of working with other species (such as goats) also helpful. Job duties include feeding twice a day, which involves the ability to work at 6am and 4:30pm for a few hours each time. Must be willing to work on Sundays. Also included in the job: checking/cleaning & filling water tanks as needed, manure removal, cleaning animal pens. You will need to be able to follow a menu of what each animal eats and correctly identify animals. Schedule will likely be 2-3 days at 4-5 hrs/day. Heavy lifting of 100# hay bales and 80# bags of feed required. This position at 10 hrs/wk covers the RV space and amenities offered.

Cleaning position, hours depending upon occupancy. 5 bedroom B & B with seasonal occupancy seeking part-time person to clean. Position involves cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, dust/vac/mop floors. Ability to climb stairs, ability to follow directions, attention to detail and good vision required. There is no way to know the hours involved with this job, except to say it is mostly weekends and some are busy and other not. Pay is $10/hr.

What we offer: The location is a private ranch utilized as a nonprofit animal sanctuary. The space can accommodate large RV’s. Water, septic, internet, trash removal and electric (up to $75/month) are provided. The animal care position at 10 hrs/wk covers the site exchange. Additional hours are paid at $10/hr. We are located at 5200ft elevation and have seasons. It is 15-20+ degrees cooler than Phoenix here most times of the year.

What we are seeking: One person or a pair capable of independently performing the job duties listed who is willing to stay at least until March/April. No recreational drugs, NO SMOKING, no addictions, no drama. Ideal candidate is responsible, reliable, able to follow directions, respectful, able to get along with others. Must be US citizen. Handiman skills helpful as there may be opportunities for other paid work. You are also welcome to have other employment on your days off.

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