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Allatoona Lake - Corps of Engineers

Linda Hartsfield
(Allatoona Lake, GA)

Park Attendant Contractors and Volunteer Park Hosts

Allatoona Lake, a US Army Corps of Engineers project, is located 35 miles north of Atlanta. GA. There are numerous day use recreation facilities (beaches, picnicking, boat ramps) and eight campgrounds located on the project.


Paid contract park attendants, as well as volunteer park hosts, are utilized to operate these recreation facilities and campgrounds.

Contract park attendant positions are on a bid basis. There are nineteen contract park attendant positions during the spring to fall recreation season. Two contract positions are available during the winter months. Bids for the contract park attendant positions for Allatoona Lake and the Mobile District can be found around early to mid October each year at under the tab "Park Attendant Information."

Volunteer park hosts are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Approximately eighteen volunteer park hosts are utilized year-round. However, on a three, four, six, or year round basis, depending on the volunteer. Most volunteer park host position descriptions can be found on the website at or at

For further information regarding these positions, please contact Linda Hartsfield by phone at 678-721-6726 or by e-mail at

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