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TX, OK: Alcatraz Gate Guard Services: Providing Security to Oil and Gas Industry

Alcatraz Gate Guard Services provides services to the oil and gas industries. We hire RVers to live at the entrance of oil wells. The job starts at $125/day. Your primary job is logging gate activity.

Update: Due to a tremendous response from you, our Workers On Wheels readers, Alcatraz Gate Guard Services is currently not accepting applications for security gate guard workers.

Employer Profile information from Bobby Fernando of Alcatraz Gate Guard Services.

We are hiring RVers to work as gate guards. The duties are mainly to log what goes in and out of the well location. We provide water, diesel, internet, satellite, and generator, along with wages.

The positions come with bonuses that reach up to $5500 a year. Bonuses may be paid after three months, after six months, after nine months, and again after one year. Earning potential is $50,000 your first year.

The area of concentration right now is north Texas and southern Oklahoma. It may be possible to move to different locations with our company.

We ask for a three month commitment from our gate guards.

Your primary job is to log what goes in and out of the well location. We will train you on how to do everything. I will provide information that includes safety, laws, and what to do. You will be required to pass a test to show that you are knowledgeable in the subjects. We want you to be safe and we want you to know what to do when something goes wrong.

Alcatraz Gate Guard Services gate guards are required to have a recreational vehicle. You will work from your RV.

You will be working as an employee -- not as a contractor. The job requires 24/7 participation.

Editor's note: Contact information has been removed, as they are not currently accepting applications.


Coleen, the editor adds: Because of concerns about scams, I did some checking with the Texas Attorney General's office and the office of the Texas Secretary of State, along with a couple other Texas agencies. My research shows that Alcatraz Gate Guard Services LLC is registered and in good standing.

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