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We Have Abundance: Are You Expanding or Contracting?

Abundance reigns for most of us. Yet, I hear from RVers who are hanging up the RV keys or putting their dream of full-time RVing on hold because they fear the economy. I'm here to tell you, there are jobs for RVers who want to work.

We have plenty of abundance. Our RV homes are overweight with excess stuff that we haul around the country. Those of us with stick built homes find them filled with clutter. We rent storage sheds to hold our extra possessions. And, we're still buying.

I received the following article from Vicki White. She is a Feng Shui and Raw Food Coach. What she says makes a lot of sense.

Are You Expanding or Contracting?

You know you're in trouble right? How do you know? The news is telling you. Newspapers, television, they all feed on gloom and doom and sell fear. How else do they grab your attention - not so easy with the feel good stories unfortunately.

I don't have a television so I'm saved a lot of grief. But this week I saw a headline in the financial pages of our national newspaper which said: Don't read the newspaper!

I kid you not. If you are feeling a bit rattled this week - that's pretty good advice. What are you focusing on?

For sure, prices are going up, stocks are going down, it's costing more to fill your gas tank but look how abundant you are. I don't know about you, but I'm still finding the malls crowded, we still have a challenge with having too much 'stuff' in our homes and people still want our products and services.

There are three steps you can take today to raise your energy and your abundance quotient.

1. Stop soaking up the media BS! What you focus on expands - so what would you like more of in your life? In all tough times there are those who prosper - why do you think that is? Do you think they're focusing on how awful things are? No, they're asking themselves where the opportunity is.

I like the Abraham-Hicks concept of upstream and downstream thoughts. Upstream thoughts are like trying to row against the current - it's hard work and you can never stop and rest. Thoughts such as 'I'm going to be out on the street', I'm going to lose all my money', or, 'life is struggle' - of course it is.

Downstream thoughts are like sitting in your rowboat - you can pull the oars in, relax and enjoy the view - making course adjustments along the way and rowing at times, and it's a lot more peaceful with space to enjoy other things. Thoughts like: 'how can I offer more value?', 'I know I'm abundant', 'what client needs can I fill?'

The reality is that the population as a whole has way more disposable income than in the past. Are you choosing downstream thoughts or are you rowing upstream like a crazy person? Your choice.

2. Look to see where you might be out of alignment in your life and take action - especially around finances. The mess we're seeing is because whispers were not heard, lessons not learned, all on a big scale - so are you listening to the whispers, learning the lessons, taking responsibility for your finances? Or do you need the Mack truck effect too? The Government is doing what individuals are doing - but on a much bigger scale.

Chaos always precedes a breakthrough - what we're seeing is a massive re-alignment. You can resist it or you can take the opportunity to step more fully into your power. What's one action you can take to come into alignment with who you really are?

If you're feeling fear or stress, what message is that fear or stress trying to give you. Who do you need to be, for you to be intentional about what you are creating? Some places to start: your accounts, check book, taxes, credit cards - is there something in there that needs attention while it's still a whisper? Anything you're tolerating?

3. Clear out what is no longer you - even if you don't know who the new you is.

One of my clients, Barb, is in the midst of a Living Estate Sale. She decided she was ready for massive changes in her life and she arranged for someone to sell almost everything - clothes, food in the cupboard, furniture, books, TV (yay!). She took her favorite clothes and books and family pictures, gave away cameras and binoculars to friends who would like them, and just left it all. She came back when the sale was over and what she felt more than anything was relief. A huge burden had been lifted - she no longer had to carry along all this 'stuff'. She is now able to be spontaneous and free.

Those things no longer fit her energetically and emotionally. She's making space to meet the person she's becoming.

Ever thought about running away and leaving the lot? It's a common feeling I hear from clients and it takes courage to do what Barb did. Since her husband passed away five years ago she's held onto all this stuff, feeling stuck - now she's ready. She's also selling her two businesses and meantime has passed much of the day-to-day responsibilities over to someone else. As you can perhaps imagine, she sounds completely different - her voice, her energy. I'm excited to see what comes next.

You don't need to have a Living Estate Sale (unless you want to :-)) But, what are you ready to let go of? What I've seen is that the more you declutter the more abundance you create - so think big.

©2008 Vicky White, The Feng Shui and Raw Food Coach. Used with permission from Vicky White.

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