RV Workers On Wheels Newsletter #499 ~ March 11, 2008

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Update from your RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter Editor

Is it all RVers or just our readers? We heard from so many of you after I sent out Issue #498. You sent your condolences over our loss of Bob's dad. You sent in tips, suggestions, and questions. You ordered flea market directories and visited our websites. Some of you sent emails thanking us for our work helping other RVers.

We thank you, and appreciate you. You are the best!

Experienced RV workers Bill, John, and Ray sent emails that you'll find in the Words of Wisdom from Workers section further down in the ezine. Bill's hobby turned into a business that he is now selling, complete from bus to website. John and his family have Adventures In Living and work as lighthouse caretakers and tend a pumpkin patch. Ray holds the distinction of being one of our first Workers On Wheels subscribers, having subscribed in June 1994 with Issue #3.

Wherever you are in your work and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Pay Your Way With Watkins

I am an Independent Associate with Watkins. I sell their products: gourmet foods, personal care, nutritional supplements, cleaning supplies, and apothecary items. I am also building a team of RVers who want to save money on things they use every day and make money with the business.

If you want Watkins to send you bonus checks to pay for your RVing, join me today. We can show you several ways to make money with Watkins.

Click for details.

~ http://www.RVworkers.com

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Current Job Openings for RVers

A sampling from our Help Wanted ads this month:

~ Seasonal, Paid Employment In Kansas - Above Minimum Wage
~ Jobs At Walt Disney World® Resort
~ Pay For All Hrs Worked - Immediate Openings In OR, Various Positions
~ Work In Canada - Salary, FHU RV Site
~ Great Opportunity To Work and Play In Alaska - Pays For All Hours Worked

These are among the most current listings of available jobs.

~ http://www.work-for-rvers-and-campers.com/rv-jobs-listings-03.html

For job listings that have been on the website longer than ten days, see the monthly job index page.

~ http://www.work-for-rvers-and-campers.com/job-listings-for-RVers.html

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Resign From Your Boring Job

You'd love to leave your current job behind, right? Naturally, you're a bit hesitant. Maybe scared. You might say you were feeling a bit chicken about giving up your security. The "RESIGN From Your Boring Job!" video is for you. Click here to watch it.

~ http://www.RVworkers.info

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

List Making Can Help You Find A Job You'd Enjoy

Q. All I’ve ever done is what I do at my career job. How do I figure out what I'd like to do on the road to earn some extra money?

A. List the things you enjoy doing in your leisure time (or would like to if you had leisure time). Next, make a list of the things you know how to do (or could reasonably learn to do). Then, cross the two and see what overlaps. Finally, look at how you could you make money doing some of those things.

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2008 Clark’s Flea Market Guides Are In

We have a fresh shipment of The Original Clark's Flea Market U.S.A., A National Directory of Flea Markets & Swap Meets flea market guides. These are the newest, 87th Edition. Clark’s is the FM directory that stands the test of time. It is used by vendors and shoppers alike to locate markets in every state. Only $6.99 + $3.50 First Class Mail shipping and handling.

Click to order Clark’s flea market guide.

~ http://www.workersonwheels.com/specials.html

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Words Of Wisdom From Workers

Short-term Employment Experience With NP Concessionaires

Hi Coleen,

I see that someone wrote you inquiring about short term jobs (around 30 days). The concessionaires in national parks are a great place to get short term jobs after Labor Day. We have worked at Mesa Verde National Park and also Shenandoah National Park. One for 5 weeks and one for 6 weeks, and am sure they would have taken us for 30 days if that is what we wanted. It seems that a great deal of their summer help leaves around Labor Day and they are really hurting to complete the rest of the season. In both instances, my wife worked the reservations desk in the hotels, and I worked maintenance. We had a great time in both places and got treated great.

Ray Faber

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Move Videos From VHS Tapes To DVDs

The current trend is to be able to take VHS tapes and put them on DVD for posterity. I know that several drug stores will do this but it is expensive and probably nothing other than just a copy with no corrections or edits. This might be something folks would appreciate if someone could edit and record it for them on DVD’s. Just a thought.

Adventures In Living
~ http://www.jfulton50.smugmug.com

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RV Based Business For Sale – Great For Photographers and Car Buffs

Please enclose my website in your newsletter as I need to sell this business to devote my time to my new business. This is a great money making business with the possibility to tour the country in a first class bus and make money wherever you stop. Thanks.

~ http://www.hotrodstogo.com

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Ways RVers Make Money

Here’s a sampling of work RVers can do to earn a living and pay for their travels:

~ Charter Fishing Guide ~ ~ Personal Organizer
~ Riding Instructor ~ ~ Horoscope Columnist
~ Trail Groomer ~ ~ Tour Bus Guide
~ Union Electrician ~ ~ Carnival Mechanic
~ Paramedic at Special Events ~ ~ Wood Carver

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Dark Chocolate Can Be Good For You

Turns out that chocolate can be good for both body and bank account. Not any chocolate, but the cold-processed, dark, healthy kind that is 70% cocoa and high in antioxidants. We eat this chocolate three or more times a day. We feel better, have more energy, and are sleeping better. If you are interested in the health benefits of chocolate, or you’d like to make money in the chocolate business, visit the WOW-Chocolate website. Click on the Distributor Log In button, and then you can choose to see more about chocolate science, history, or the chocolate opportunity.

~ http://www.RVworkers.net

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Positive RVing Attitudes

~ One of the primary roles of a leader is to help others get past their excuses. -- Author Unknown

~ The best opportunities in life are the ones we create. -- Gary Ryan Blair

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