Work for RVers and Campers News and Updates #531 ~ September 10, 2008

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Update From Your Work For RVers and Campers Newsletter Editor

Bob and I spent several days last week in Seward, camped out in one of the city owned RV parks. The plan was that Bob would fish and I would do some writing projects that I've been wanting to do. When we've been there in the past, I used my ACS mobile broadband data aircard for Internet access.

When I bought my new computer, it didn't come with the correct slot to accommodate the older aircard that I have. Aircards are available that fit into regular USB ports, but I didn't bother to switch to the new one. We have DSL at our home base, and I've been using WiFi as we travel, so I hadn't needed it. In fact, I was about to drop the service when my contract was fulfilled this fall.

There we were in Seward, set-up in a waterfront site, with a glorious view of the mountains and the bay, with eagles and sea otters providing entertainment and inspiration. I was ready to do online research and write – and no Internet access.

Fortunately, it was easy to move on to Plan B – to sit back, scan some magazines, and mostly just relax and enjoy the view. Plan B turned out well. I tend to push myself too hard, trying to accomplish more than I realistically should. The break from work was rejuvenating.

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Wherever you are in your work and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Current Job Openings for RVers

Here's a sampling of the jobs listed this month.

~ Oregon Coast Motorcoach Estate Caretaker Needed Mid-Sept
~ RealVideo Campsites Is Looking For Sales Associates
~ Work Camping Position Open In Branson
~ GTI Site Maps and Guides
~ Work Holiday Craft Shows and Bazaars

You'll find all of this month's current Help Wanted ads on our website.

For previously posted job listings, see the monthly job index page.

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Working RVer Tip

Sell Used Books

I'm just getting ready to send in my first shipment of used books to sell. It is a simple process. You enter the ISBN number of the book and they tell you if they are buying that title or not. If they are, they quote how much they'll pay. You then print out a shipping label and mail in the books. They pay the shipping fees. And, if all goes well, they send you a check or deposit into your PayPal account. I will report later and let you know how well this actually works.

Book buying service.

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

Work Camping With Young Children

~~ Sara asks: Are there work camp positions that allow children? I have two children -- a 3 year old and 5 year old. I will be full timing with them and will need to work -- something where they can be with me while I work. ~~ I answered in part: Here are some options that come to mind for working with young children in tow:

Look for a job at a children's camp. Enroll your children in the program so that they are cared for and entertained while you are at work.

Look for a job that requires that you complete certain duties, rather than one that requires set work hours.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your own comments -- on the website.

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Working RVer News

Working RVers Switch To RVs With Worse Fuel Economy

When working RVers replace their recreational vehicles, they tend to buy an RV that gets the same or worse fuel mileage than the one they had. This is according to an RV Owners' Advisory Council survey as reported in the Good Sam Club's September "Highways" magazine. The article says it was a 2008 survey with nearly 10,000 responding.

Surprised? I was. I thought working RVers would be trading for rigs that are more fuel efficient, not less.

Post your comments and see what others have to say about this.

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Ways RVers Make Money

Here’s a sampling of work RVers do to earn a living and pay for their travels.

~ Art Show Organizer
~ Factory Tour Guide
~ Food Service Hostess
~ Foreign Language Instructor
~ Hatchery Worker
~ Herbal Therapist
~ Working at RV Parts Stores

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Teddy the Gold Mining RVer

Teddy is a snowbird who makes his living mining gold. He worked several southwestern states during the winter. This past spring, he worked the Pacific Northwest. This summer, he is in Alaska.

He was driving a new pickup. He told me the gold paid for it.

We didn't get to visit long, so I didn't get a full interview. I don't know if he panned, used a portable dredge, or some other mining method.

He is not a young man. I wouldn't describe him as the picture of health and fitness. Yet mining, and being in the great outdoors, is what worked for him.

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Work For RVers Is Not "One-Size-Fits-All"

Is gold mining right for everyone? Of course not. Just like sitting at a desk, working on a computer isn't for everyone. Nor is dealing with tourists every day a good fit for some. Nor is working as a travel nurse. But, all of these things are right for some working RVers.

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Working RVer Tip

Beware Of Time Zone Differences

Check the time zones before making phone calls. If you are on the east coast and call an employer on the west coast, at 10:00 a.m. your time, it is only 7:00 a.m. his time. And, if you are in a western state and make an evening call at 9:00 pm your time, you are calling the employer who lives in an eastern state at midnight!

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Positive RVing Attitudes

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future. ~ Corrie ten Boom

Today is the tomorrow you waited for yesterday. ~ Author Unknown

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