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RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #856 ~January 26, 2014
January 26, 2014

The Newsletter for Working RVers and Campers, by Working RVers and Campers

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RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #856 ~ January 26, 2014

Workers On Wheels: Work For RVers and Campers

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Update from Your RV Workers On Wheels Newsletter Editor

More new jobs postings for you, ranging from busy resorts to rural property caretaking. They're spread across the USA, from one side to the other. Check the start dates, as some are immediate, some for the coming spring and summer, and even some for next fall and winter.

Bob and I are discussing the purchase of our next RV. We're leaning towards a Class B. We're looking at the possibility of getting a Sprinter van and doing the interior ourselves.

Wherever you are in your work and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Simple, Tasty, and Profitable

This is the simplest business plan that I've seen. The jerky is delicious. If you don't like to eat jerky yourself, get the pet treat jerky for some lucky dog or cat. Do this from your sticks 'n bricks before you start full-time RVing, as well as while you are RVing.

The Simple Jerky Business

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A Few of the Current Job Openings for RVers

Here are SOME of the most recently listed job openings. What you see here are just a few of those that we have listed on the website.

~ MN: Resort Country Club Manager

~ TX: Garner St. Park Camp Hosts

~ TX: Resort In the Water Recreation Capital of Texas

~ VA: Shenandoah Valley KOA Job with Hourly Pay

~ TX: RGV 55 Plus RV Park

~ CA: Fishing Resort Jobs with Salary and Site

~ MT: Rural Property Caretaking

~ MO: Smaller, Good Sam Campground

Find all of the jobs posted so far this month (January). January Job Postings

To see the jobs added last month (December), go to our Workers On Wheels website. December Job Postings

See the job listings posted in November. November Job Postings

You can also find archives of jobs listed in previous months. Older Job Listings.

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Earn Your Living with a Website

Want to build a profitable website? One where you can actually make some money? SBI! can help you. Go the SBI! website.

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Ways RVers Make Money

Here's a sampling of work RVers are doing to cut their expenses, earn a living, and pay for their travels.

~ Green living home auditor
~ Caravan wagon master
~ Teach pet CPR
~ Day land cruise workers
~ Feng Shui coach
~ Theme park cook

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Visit our RV Life and Travel website.

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Working RVer Tip -- Identify Your Talents

The first step in marketing your talents is identifying your qualifications. Develop a detailed inventory of your job-related skills, abilities, and interests. When you have that inventory, you'll know exactly what assets you have to offer an employer.

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More Newly Posted Jobs for RVers

Wednesday's mid-week, quickie edition of the Workers On Wheels Newsletter had more new job listings. If you missed it, you can read it on our Workers On Wheels website. WOW E-zine #855 ~ January 22

Sunday's weekend edition of the Workers On Wheels Newsletter also had a bunch more new job listings. If you missed it, you can read it on our Workers On Wheels website. WOW E-zine #854 - January 19

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#1 Recommended Work for RVers

Flexible work. Excellent income potential. The benefits of owning your own business. A full line of about 300 products -- made in the USA. A partner company that has been around for 145 years. If you are interested in building a successful business that you can take on the road, I'd love to help you. Learn more it and see the product catalog.

The Summit Group Business Website

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Working RVer Tip - Visit with the Locals

Visit with people in the community where you want to work. They know where the jobs are -- who is hiring. Find the locals by attending church services, school events, and community fundraising events (pancake breakfasts, spaghetti suppers).

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Work Wanted Ads and Resumes

RVers Seeking Work: Post your Work Wanted classified ad or your full resume. There’s no charge to you.

Employers, Business Owners, and Volunteer Coordinators: Find RVers looking for work. There’s no cost to you for this service.

Work Wanted Ads and Resumes

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Workers On Wheels also now has an official Facebook page. Workers On Wheels Facebook Page

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More Info on Working While RVing

Basic info about getting started.

Campground jobs info.

Articles on property caretaking.

Writing for profit.

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Positive RVing Attitudes

If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it. ~ Brendan Francis

Your self-confidence is directly connected to how much you feel you are making a difference in the world. ~ Brian Tracy

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