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RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #797 ~ June 30, 2013
June 30, 2013

The Newsletter for Working RVers and Campers, by Working RVers and Campers

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RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #797 ~ June 30, 2013

Workers On Wheels: Work For RVers and Campers

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Update from Your RV Workers On Wheels Newsletter Editor

Too young to retire, I think the best jobs for RVers are those that pay a living wage, and add in a full hook-up RV site, to boot. Many of you agree with me. But, not everyone. Many recent comments have thanked me for posting jobs that pay wages. However, there have also been reminders that not everyone wants a paycheck. Our job postings most always include a mix of offers -- paid employment, work-for-site positions, and volunteer openings.

Have a super week celebrating Independence Day!

Wherever you are in your work and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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#1 Recommended Work for RVers

Flexible work. Excellent income potential. The benefits of owning your own business. Superior products -- made in the USA. A partner company that has been around for 145 years. If you are interested in building a successful business that you can take on the road, I'd love to help you. Learn more it and see the product catalog.

The Summit Group Business Website

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A Few of the Current Job Openings for RVers

Here are SOME of the most recently listed job openings. What you see here are just a few of those that we have listed on the website.

~ TX: Oil Field Security Gate Guard with Primo

~ FL: RV Park Cleaning Person Needed

~ TX: Winter Work Camping in East Texas

~ AZ: Paid Positions in Quartzsite

~ PA: Friendly Fun Folks Needed Now for CG Job

~ SD: RV Resort in the Black Hills, Summer 2013

~ MN: RVing Couple Stay a Month or Longer

~ CA: Camp Host by Lake Tahoe - All Hrs. Paid

To see more Help Wanted ads posted this month (June), go to our Workers On Wheels website. June Job Postings

See the job listings from last month (May). Jobs Posted in May

Additional job postings, posted according to the state where they are located. Jobs Posted by State

You can also find archives of jobs listed in previous months. Older Job Listings.

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Earn Your Living with a Website

Want to build a profitable website? One where you can actually make some money? SBI! can help you. Go the SBI! website.

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Ways RVers Make Money

Here's a sampling of work RVers are doing to cut their expenses, earn a living, and pay for their travels.

~ State wildlife refuge worker
~ Teach advanced sewing classes
~ Theme park guest assistance
~ Affiliate programs
~ Make and sell pet beds
~ Tour company van drivers

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

When You Want to Work for an RV Site and Perks -- Only

~~ An RVer asks: I want to volunteer part time as I travel around the country. I specifically do not want to be paid and I specifically do want free campsite and hookups. I do not want to find at tax time that my volunteering has caused me to incur a tax burden. Is this barter vs employee issue a big deal? Are potential employers aware of this? Is it just a normal part of doing business or something I must carefully attend to? Should I address this subject in my resume?

~~ I answered in part: Sounds like you are asking more about volunteer v/s employee, rather than about barter v/s employee.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your comments -- on the website.

~ Working for Site Only

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

Doesn't Interviewing the Campground Require Two Trips?

~~ An RVer asks: I believe the advice (about going to a campground first, before accepting a job there) is good, but wouldn't that require two trips to the campground? We want to experience different campgrounds in hosting and in visiting new areas.

~~ I answered in part: Following the method that we suggest for finding campground jobs only requires that you go to the campground one time. In fact, the reason we recommend it is because it mostly eliminates wasted travel time and wasted fuel. It also leads to less disappointment and frustration.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your comments -- on the website.

~ Campground Job Advice

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Work Wanted Ads and Resume

RVers Seeking Work: Post your Work Wanted classified ad or your full resume. There’s no charge to you.

Employers, Business Owners, and Volunteer Coordinators: Find RVers looking for work. There’s no cost to you for this service.

Work Wanted Ads and Resumes

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

Work Camping When You Have Very Little Job Experience

~~ An RVer writes: My husband and I have been married 28 years and I have very little job experience except for homemaking. Would like some suggestions on basic skills I would most likely need to have in order to be a team.

~~ I answered in part: I think you have more job skills than what you are giving yourself credit for having.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your comments -- on the website. Several other readers have already joined in with their thoughts.

~ Overcoming Lack of Job Experience

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Positive RVing Attitudes

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all. ~ Sam Ewing

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