RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #618 ~ May 2, 2010

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Workers On Wheels Work For RVers and Campers

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RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #618 ~ May 2, 2010

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Update from Your RV Workers On Wheels Newsletter Editor

We've been receiving emails from park managers needing help ASAP. As happens every year about now, people are canceling out of their summer positions. So, if there's a particular campground or other facility where you want to work, and they've previously told you all positions are full, you may want to contact them again.

Although we had snow this week, with more in the forecast, some campground workers are already on the job here in Alaska. A friend, Jacob, who just started his first campground job, stopped by to chat this week. He's repairing and refinishing picnic tables, cleaning, and generally getting things ready for the RVing tourists who will soon be here.

Wherever you are in your work and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Current Job Openings for RVers

Here's a sampling of the most recently listed job openings.

~Workamping In AK, 20 Hours/Week for Meals, RV Site, Laundry
~ Immediate Position in CO, 10 Hours for Housing
~ Help Wanted Now at RV Park in TX
~ 15 Hours a Week for RV Site at SC RV Park
~ Activities, Grounds, Office Workers Needed for Southwestern AZ RV Park

Help Wanted ads that we received last week are on the April Job Listings page.

~ April Job Listings

Those that we receive this month go on the May Job Listings page.

~ May Job Listings

For the archives of previously posted job listings, see the monthly job index page.

~ Job Listing Index

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Workers On Wheels Blog

Be sure to check our blog frequently for website updates and between newsletter announcements. Bookmark it, or add it to your list of favorites.

~ Workers On Wheels Work for RVers and Campers Blog

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Working RVer Tip

One way to save your hard-earned money is to not over pay for you RV insurance.

~~ Read more about our experience on the RV Life and Travel website.

~ Insurance Savings

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New Pages On Work-For-RVers-And-Campers.com

California Property Caretaker Needed for Farm Overlooking Bio-dynamic Vineyard

~ the CA Property Owners write...

We'd be thrilled if you are someone with an abiding interest in alternative energy conservation, organic gardening, sustainable farming/living, music, and/or the arts.

Our farm consists of a variety of animals. We have goats, three Cashmere and one unbred Toggenburg dairy goat. There's a small flock of Jacob sheep. We have quite a few chickens and Muscovy ducks. And, a Shetland pony. We also have two Maremma livestock guardian dogs. We are looking forward to the arrival of our Jersey milk cow and her calf sometime next month.

The work will be flexible, averaging about 20 hours per week, with some projects taking more time and some weeks' workload to be lighter.

Benefits do include fresh eggs, milk and meat, and food from the (future) garden. As this is a recently acquired property, there is always extra help needed, and that will be paid at the local wage rate.

~~ Read the rest of this article on the website.

~ California Property Caretaker Needed

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Working RVer Tip

If you are looking for a position that pays full wages for all hours worked, make sure your resume or job application indicates that you are looking for a job and intend to work. Since many RVers choose to volunteer for a site, the park manager doesn't know if you are looking for a casual position helping out a bit in exchange for a site, of if you are looking for actual employment.

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Ways RVers Make Money

Here's a sampling of work RVers can do to cut their expenses, earn a living, and pay for their travels.

~ Write proposals and grants
~ Gift shop manager
~ Clean-up after disasters
~ Line dance instructor
~ Make and sell cloth dolls and doll clothes

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Watkins Bus. Info

Part of our income comes from my being an Independent Watkins Associate (ID #362289). You could be one, too.

~ Buy or Sell Watkins Products

~ Use and Tell Team Building Method

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Working RVer Tip

Whether you are an employee with a boss who is edgy, or an employer with a worker in a sour mood, instead of criticizing or complaining, try doing something extra nice for them.

A small gift or act of kindness means a lot. Today someone brought us a jar of peeled and sectioned, ready to eat grapefruit pieces. It was an unexpected, out-of-the-blue, gift. My day had started off on the wrong foot, and I was leaning towards the crabby side. That unanticipated kindness did a lot for changing my outlook for the rest of the day. Thank you, Richard and Diane.

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Volunteering Saves Money and Yields Many Rewards

Volunteering Saves Money And Yields Many Rewards

Volunteering can be a fun way to spend your time while you save your money. RVing volunteers frequently receive an RV site and other benefits while helping out their favorite causes. They also get to see some beautiful parts of the country and have some great experiences. It's a win-win situation, for both the non-profit organization and the workamper.

~ Read more on the website.

Volunteer opportunities abound working RVers. Some full-time RVers are full-time volunteers. Some of us need income from our work, so we donate our time, talents, and labors around our paying jobs.

~ Volunteer Work Opportunities For RVers

Volunteer organizations include RV groups that are ministries. They need folks willing to share their skills helping agencies. The RVer works in a Christian environment doing productive work.

~ Volunteer Organizations That Are Christian RV Groups

Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP) volunteers are Christian RVers who travel the USA, working construction and remodel projects, teaching God's word along the way.

~ Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP)

Does anyone out there like farm animals, the outdoors, and history? Our Whistle Creek Livestock Preserve is like a "living livestock museum."

~ Whistle Creek Livestock Preserve

Cascada Verde Retreat Center ... Imagine the opportunity to be able to create and offer focused retreats, nature and spiritual workshops, eco/natural-school, and permaculture seminars.

~ Cascada Verde Retreat Center, Vegan Eco-Lodge, Raw Living Foods Restaurant

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Working RVer Tip

If there is something particular that will help you be a better employee, let your supervisor know what it is. He may be able to accommodate you, making things better for both of you.

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Working RV Profile

A New Start for Charles and Rondie

We left Lowes corp 2 weeks ago. Temp time off of the traveling and store rebuilds and the long hours and stress.

Now we are in haven Santa Fe, NM, Rancheros RV Park. We did get the camp worker position you advertised months ago. It helped that we have stayed at the park twice before and knew the people running it.

This is a 6 month vacation with pay and just a few hours a day. Site covered, laundry free, store 25% off, fuel at cost, elec free, cable, wifi, and $1,300 month for 6 months.

We also plan to sell some of our flagstone art and photo work I do in and around the area.

~~ Read more about this working RVer on the website -- or ask him/her questions.

~ A New Start for Charles and Rondie

If you are a working RVers, tell us about yourself and your work.

~ Submit Your Working RVer Story

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Working RVer Tip

If your RV breaks down and must be towed, having the right emergency roadside service membership could save you a bundle. If you don't have an ERS policy, depending on your RV and the towing distance, it could cost you several weeks' worth of pay.

~ ~ More thoughts on that on the RV Life and Travel website.

~ Emergency Road Service

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Reader Feedback

Workers On Wheels Lists More Appealing Positions

~~ Karen wrirtes: Hey Coleen, Just curious -- why are your positions so much more appealing than those we see on the [somebody else's] website?

My husband and I are hurricane survivors. We lost everything to Hurricane Ike in the fall of 2008. We have been full-time RVing ever since and love it. We've only done one job so far and that was caring for an 8-acre private property for two months. Our next assignment is two months in Tetlin Wildlife Refuge in Alaska this summer. I'm thinking both of those ads were on your site. Anyway, I love reading the opportunities and appreciate what you do.

~~ I answered in part: Well, thank you! I can't say for sure why we attract better positions, but I'm glad you noticed. Please help spread the word.

Maybe it has something to do with our experience, and the fact that much of our perspective comes from full-time RVing, being out there, needing to earn a living.

= = = = =

Positive RVing Attitudes

The most effective way to ensure the value of the future is to confront the present courageously and constructively. ~ Rollo May

My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income. ~ Errol Flynn

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