RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #612 ~ March 20, 2010

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Workers On Wheels Work For RVers and Campers

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RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #612 ~ March 20, 2010

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Update from Your RV Workers On Wheels Newsletter Editor

Each "Working RVer Tip" in this issue fits the "what should be obvious, but oftentimes isn't" description. They aren't profound. But, they are fundamental to your success.

As you have some extra time throughout the week, stop by the website. We do updates almost every day. You'll likely find articles that you haven't seen before. I've heard from more than a few people who were really surprised to see that there are over 600 pages of information on the website -- articles, polls, answers to your questions, Help Wanted ads, tax information specific to RVers, etc.

Wherever you are in your work and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Current Job Openings for RVers

Here's a sampling of the most recently listed job openings.

~ Trade 10 Hours Work/Week for FHU RV Site in GA
~ Wanted: Work Camp Caretaker for Horses, Dogs, Cats in NM
~ Work Camp Host Needed In Beautiful Colorado
~ Salary, RV Site, and Professional Fishing Charters for Camp Workers in AK
~ FL State Parks Need Camp Hosts

The freshest ads are on the March Job Listings page.

~ March Job Listings

For the archives of previously posted job listings, see the monthly job index page.

~ Job Listing Index

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Workers On Wheels Blog

Be sure to check our blog frequently for website updates and between newsletter announcements. Bookmark it, or add it to your list of favorites.

~ Workers On Wheels Work for RVers and Campers Blog

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Working RVer Tip

Show up for your work camper job on the agreed upon day. That doesn't mean a week early any more than it means a day late.

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New Poll On Work-For-RVers-And-Campers.com

Employee or Self-employed or Volunteer?

Employee or self-employed or volunteer? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. As a full-time RVer (or as you make your RVing plans) which suits you best? Which do you prefer? Why? Take this poll and let us know.

~ Poll: Employee or Self-employed or Volunteer?

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Working RVer Tip

Embarrassing your boss in front of other employees, customers, colleagues, or his supervisor is probably not in your best interest.

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New Pages On Work-For-RVers-And-Campers.com

Avoid the Hobby Loss Tax Deduction Limits

Hobby loss or business loss? There's a big difference for working RVers when it comes to what you can legally deduct. An income tax expert offers help in making sure your business is seen as a business in the eyes of the IRS.

~~ Read this article on the website.

~ Avoid the Hobby Loss Tax Deduction Limits

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Working RVer Tip

Carefully read the emails, letters, contracts, or other correspondence you receive from your employer or prospective employer. Don't just assume you know what it says.

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Featured Page On Work-For-RVers-And-Campers.com

Tour Guide Tips: Six Tips for Being a Great Guide

These tour guide tips come from a Dan Austin, a tour company operator who has over 20 years in the business. "A great guide can make a successful trip just as quickly as an average or sub-par guide can ruin one," says Austin. Here are the top traits he looks for in selecting tour guides:

1. Focused with laser-like precision on making sure that guests feel like a V.I.P. 3. Spontaneous and can seamlessly deal with the unexpected, both pleasant and potentially disastrous. This means having a Plan B ready in case of such things as sudden weather changes, lodging snafus, and road delays.

4. Passionate and eager to share his / her knowledge about an unfamiliar destination.

~~ Read the rest of this article on the website.

~ Tour Guide Tips

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Working RVer Tip

When you are negotiating job terms, you are more likely to get what you want if you are polite instead of snippy and demanding.

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

Monthly Workamping

~~ Bob asks: We're planning our next winter's trip from NE to TX/NM/CA/OR and wondering if any RV campgrounds need workers on a monthly basis. We're both retired educators, carpenter/handyman, clerical/office/hostess. Any hopes for us?

~~ I answered in part: There's often a need for a workamper for just a month or so during the shoulder seasons. Another time when openings crop up are around the holidays. You will find the need for fill-in or substitute workampers any time of the year.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your comments -- on the website.

~ Monthly Workamping

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Ways RVers Make Money

Here's a sampling of work RVers can do to cut their expenses, earn a living, and pay for their travels.

~ Search and rescue workers
~ Make and sell stained glass windows
~ Car restoration
~ Roofer
~ Teach oil or water color painting

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Watkins Bus. Info

Part of our income comes from my being an Independent Watkins Associate (ID #362289). You could be one, too.

~ Buy or Sell Watkins Products

~ Use and Tell Team Building Method

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New Pages On Work-For-RVers-And-Campers.com

An S Corporation and Payroll Tax for Your RV Business

As S corporation may be the best legal form for your RV business. An attorney explains why you might choose an entity over a sole proprietorship and discusses some tax consequences for doing so.

~~ Read this article on the website.

~ S Corporation and Payroll Tax

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Positive RVing Attitudes

You are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be. ~ Robyn Davidson

What this world needs are fewer rules and more good examples. ~ Unknown

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