RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #597 ~ December 5, 2009

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RVers Workers On Wheels Newsletter #597 ~ December 5, 2009

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Update from Your RV Workers On Wheels Newsletter Editor

We've been busy answering questions this week.

A few of them specific to working RVers are in this newsletter. You can find more on the website. You can also post your questions there.

~ Ask work camping / working while RVing questions.

We're answering general RVing questions on the RV Life and Travel website. Ask your questions and add to our answers.

~ General RVing question and answer section.

Wherever you are in your work and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Current Job Openings for RVers

Here's a sampling of the most recently listed job openings.

~ Multiple Positions at National Wildlife Refuge in MO
~ Summer 2010 Paid Position In Oregon Includes RV Site
~ Make Money and Enjoy the RV Lifestyle with GTI Site Maps and Guides
~ Workkamp Host Hostess Job at County Park in MN
~ Park Hosts Wanted Government Canyon State Natural Area San Antonio, TX

The freshest ads are on the December Job Listings page.

~ December Job Listings

For the archives of previously posted job listings, see the monthly job index page.

~ Job Listing Index

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Workers On Wheels Blog

Be sure to check our blog frequently for website updates and between newsletter announcements. Add it to your list of favorites.

~ Workers On Wheels Work for RVers and Campers Blog

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Working RVer Tip

With customer service jobs, the money you get in tips can easily be more than your wages. Tips make up a good part of the income for tour guides, bus drivers, hunting and fishing guides, restaurant staff, water taxi drivers, deck hands, house keepers, entertainers, pizza delivery drivers, and beauticians.

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

Jobs with Plants

~~ Shawnda R. asks: What type of job could I find if I was interested in plants?

~~ I answered in part: Here's a quick list of 31 jobs, careers, or work opportunities involving plants. The amount of training and experience required ranges from on-the-job training to highly specialized biology degrees. Likewise, the compensation varies from a place to park your RV on up to professional level salaries.

1. Temp or seasonal jobs in greenhouses and plant nurseries. In the spring when they are getting ready for the season with bedding plants, both vegetable starts, and flowers.

2. Plant propagation.

3. County agricultural extension agents offices.

7. Organic farms and orchards.

9. Plant research at universities.

15. Master gardener or assistant

16. Christmas tree farm employer. They may need workers year round, tending the trees and doing general farm work. At choose and cut farms, they would be more likely to need additional seasonal help.

18. Teach a class or do workshop presentations on herbs, local flora, aquatic plants, or some other plant specialty

23. Garden departments of zoos, state fairs, and theme parks.

27. Seasonal work with conservation groups doing special plantings to prevent erosion.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your comments -- on the website.

~ Jobs with Plants

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Working RVer Tip

Specialized skills can mean you have your choice of jobs. Speak up and let potential employers know what you are capable of doing.

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

Certified Teacher

~~ A reader asks: I am a certified middle school teacher and I am ready to hit the road as a workamper. Will being a teacher help me find jobs while traveling? Jobs such as the presentations that are given at campsites, or are those usually "rangers"?

~~ I answered in part: The presentations given at campgrounds are done by Interpretive Ranges. But, those rangers are apt to be seasonal hires or volunteers. For the National Park System, rangers in seasonal positions both develop and implement the programs. They teach the historical, cultural, and natural significance of the parks.

As a certified teacher, you may have taken first aid, lifesaving, and CPR classes. Those certifications are highly valuable.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your comments -- on the website.

~ Certified Teacher

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Ways RVers Make Money

Here's a sampling of work RVers can do to cut their expenses, earn a living, and pay for their travels.

~ Steam locomotive fireman
~ Scuba diving instructor
~ Strategic planning consultant
~ Sell household storage containers (such as Tupperware)
~ Street artist

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Watkins Bus. Info

Part of our income comes from my being an Independent Watkins Associate (ID #362289). You could be one, too.

~ Buy or Sell Watkins Products

~ Use and Tell Team Building Method

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Working RVer Tip

Start your job search with the end result in mind. Why are you looking for the position? RV site? Wages? Socialize with other RVers? Perks such as free admission to theme parks? To get campground management experience?

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Your Working While RVing Questions Answered

Tent Campers

~~ Mike H. asks: Are there any websites dedicated to the workamper who chooses to live in his tent?

~~ I answered in part: I don't know of any websites devoted to work camping tent campers.

There are tent cities that spring up in some areas for workers of a particular industry or business. The ones that come to mind are the fish line workers in Alaska.

~~ and full-time RVer FrankP adds: Try Federal, State or environmental camps. They usually have facilities for tenters. The youth environmental camp that we work at in Fla. has a couple of sites dedicated for tenters. It also has facilities for the tenters in the event of inclement weather.

~~ Read the longer version of my answer -- and add your comments -- on the website.

~ Tent Campers

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Working RVer Tip

Some sources say that only 15 percent of job openings are advertised through job search firms, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and college placement offices. The other 85 percent are found through personal contacts and knowing someone who knows someone.

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Positive RVing Attitudes

The happiest is the person who suffers the least pain; the most miserable who enjoys the least pleasure. ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau

The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed. ~ Gordon Parks

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